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Weep holes are specific to "brick veneer" homes.

Weep holes are normal and can typically be found in every 3rd, 4th or 5th mortar joint. They are also found above/below windows and other openings in the brick.

Weep holes are designed to let airflow in and equalize pressure, while allowing water to drain out. They are needed because brick and mortar do hold moisture, since they are are porous materials.

  • Brick veneer homes have a gap between the brick veneer and the underlying structure. The underlying structure is covered with a sheathing paper known as “Tyvek” which protects it from moisture.
  • Many homeowners do not understand the reasoning for weep holes and fill the holes thinking the brick layer forgot to mortar those areas. When, in reality, they're there for a good reason.
  • When a homeowner fills the weep holes with mortar or any other type of material it blocks that air flow and drainage between the brick and the structure. This moisture will build up and eventually get into the foundation. Causing serious damage to the structure of the building.

Water damage can cause the most expensive damage to a home. Water damage affects the home worse than a fire does. Water will sit in the residence and then form a microbial (mold) growth and slowly deteriorate the wood structure.

Bottom Line:  If you have a brick veneer home do not block the weep holes. If you have blocked the weep holes remove the block, This allows proper breathing of the brick and will prevent moisture buildup and further damages to the structure.

Weep Hole LeakageWeep Hole Leakage



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