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Thank you so much for your time on Saturday!! It will be appreciated forever!! Our agent said your report was the most thorough inspection report she has seen in 17 years! We're discussing our next move right now as we prepare our counter offer. I was wondering if they fix the things we've asked, are you able to come out and inspect only the items that we've addressed? And if you can, do you charge a different price or is it standard no matter what? Again, my husband and I are so grateful for all of your time and effort!!
Date of Posting: 29 March 2016
Posted By: Bethany Manz
I would recommend using Inspector Chris. He seemed very thorough and took pictures of everything. I was very pleased to see that he took off his shoes before entering our new home and we even got a hard back copy of the report mailed to us. I am very impressed by his timely services. The report was about 100 pages long - very detailed! I would def use him again. Thank you, Chris!
Date of Posting: 27 February 2016
Posted By: Heather C
Fairfield, OH
We were very satisfied with Chris' work. On our first inspection, he saved us a huge headache and at least $30,000.00 in hidden repairs. When we found a second home, we immediately called Chris. He was very thorough and detailed. His inspection report/book is unbelievable. The repairmen that we have had over to fix the small things noted in his report are amazed at the detail it. From what's wrong to how to fix it. He even checks on recalls for the appliances. We would highly recommend Chris.
Date of Posting: 26 January 2016
Posted By: Sharlene Parker
233 Halidonhill Lane
We came across Inspector Chris on Angies List, based on is respected rating & feedback. Can say we were very impressed with his work. He is a true professional and works around your schedule. Even the builder of our house was impressed with Chris' work. You can not go wrong with Inspector Chris!
Date of Posting: 13 October 2015
Posted By: Brian T
Green Township
We needed and inspection last minute for our new build construction home. Most inspectors would not do a pre-drywall inspection. Not only did Chris to fill the pre-drywall inspection last minute but he did it perfectly and saved us a huge headache. The report was extremely detailed and easy to follow took pictures of each room and highlighted all issues that needed to be fixed. He was able to catch some major issues that needed to be repaired to save us thousands of dollars and possibly a lost roof warranty. We will use him for the final inspection and definitely recommend to friends and family! Great work, highly recommended.
Date of Posting: 22 April 2015
Posted By: LaVelton Daniel
Fairfield OH
We had a list of recommendations for an inspector, but after a phone conversation with Chris we didn't need to search any longer. Before we even arrived Chris was on the roof and had identified a list of items around the exterior. He was extremely thorough throughout the inspection and explained each finding in an easily understandable manner. We never felt like he was in a rush to move along into the next area of the house until he addressed each of our concerns. At the end of the inspection we knew that we made an excellent choice by hiring Chris. His knowledge base and his willingness to go the extra mile was outstanding. He turned around the inspection report that night and we could not be happier! Thank you Chris!
Date of Posting: 11 July 2014
Posted By: Emily
Park Hills, KY
Inspector Chris performed a whole house inspection on a home we are in the process of buying. I was more than impressed with his professionalism, knowledge, and expertise. Not only did Chris identify an issue, he was able to get an expert to the home very quickly to dive deeper into the assessment of the issue. In my opinion, he went above and beyond to provide answers and solutions.

Chris arrived on time and got straight to work going over the home with me. I appreciated Chris explaining the areas of the home he was inspecting and giving me insight to future maintenance and potential issues. At no time did I feel Chris was rushing and he really showed pride in his work. We had another inspection performed one week earlier and the "inspector" said everything was good with the home we were buying. After finding this inspector was not ASHI Certified, I contacted Chris after finding him here on Angie's List. Chris answered the phone when I called at 9:00 pm and quickly scheduled my inspection. Chris saved us from a potential huge repair had we not found him. You cannot go wrong with this inspector and I will certainly use him again if I need an inspection. Highly recommended.
Date of Posting: 27 June 2014
Posted By: Anthony G
Middletown, OH
Inspector Chris helped me determine the value of three different properties. I would recommend his service to anyone. I am extremely satisfied with the assistance that he provided. Mark B.
Date of Posting: 10 June 2014
Posted By: Mark Bird
Covington, KY
Inspector CHRIS gets two thumbs up and a high five! When I was shopping for someone to do my home inspection, I reached out via email to several inspectors to see what they offered. Chris Green was quick to reply and called me back. He told me that he was very thorough in his inspections. He also said that he provides an inspection report including pictures, something that wasn’t mentioned by the others. I liked having that feature and went ahead and committed to Chris along with a Radon and Termite inspection. He was quick to schedule the inspection and wanted me to be there when he was doing it. When I went to meet Chris for the inspection, he was already at the property. He coordinated the Radon and Termite inspectors at the same time. I got to meet them all and saw them do their job. Chris spent over 2 hours going over the property. He was on the roof, in the attic, checked the furnace blower to see if it was clean, he took the electric box panel off to see if the wiring was up to code and safe, among several other regular things on his check list. The thing that I like about Chris is that he explained things to me. In my case the electric box had several 2 wires to one screw….where it should be one wire per screw. He showed me things with my roof and explained so many things to me that I wasn’t aware of. After he was done he said that I would get my report by the next morning. Later that evening, he called me with the Radon results of my test. He said that he wanted to give me a heads up and explain that my results came back high and what that means regarding the inspection. I got my report back the next morning like he promised. My report was 90 pages of a very thorough inspection. I highly recommend Chris Green. I was impressed not only with his detail, but his down to earth mannerism in explaining things to me. You will not be disappointed!
Date of Posting: 06 June 2014
Posted By: Nancy W
Thank you so much Chris! You came out within an hour when our other inspector failed to show up.. The report binder is very helpful and you greatly exceeded my expectations. I can't recommend you enough. Will refer to everyone who needs a home inspection.
Date of Posting: 09 April 2014
Posted By: David C

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