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Inspecting homes is full of surprises. Certified Home Inspector Chris and his staff have seen beautiful views of downtown Cincinnati, and a variety of problems like nests in attics and walls. Like we say - "Get Inspected...Be Protected!" 

attic inspection

How often do you check inside your attic?

Most homeowners have probably never looked in their attic unless there were water stains on the ceiling. This fireplace chimney in the attic was collapsing and falling down and the home owner didn't have a clue about it. Don't let surprises catch you off guard when listing or selling your home. Call Inspector CHRIS LLC for a complete and thorough home inspection prior to listing your home.  


electrical wiring problemsThis rehab "flipped home" looked beautiful. 

It's a shame the wiring was a mess.  All the walls of this rehab home, were gutted out... However the electrician installed new wires, pigtailed the wires, then installed the wiring in the electric panel backwards.  The neutral wires are on the hot breaker. The hot and ground wire are tied together on the neutral buss bar.  The brass (hot) screw is on wrong side of outlet and mixed with the neutral screw, ( normal outs have 2 brass on one side 2 silver on neutral side).  


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