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It's smart to have your new Dream Home inspected by a pro:

When you're spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on your home... there are hundreds of thoughts and decisions that come to mind.  Ask yourself a few additional questions and ponder these thoughts: 

  1. Wouldn't you want to make sure it is safe for you and your family of fire or safety hazards?
  2. Wouldn't you want to know that it is structurally safe and sound?
  3. After the purchased of your are you prepared for the costly repairs if needed?

ASHI Ohio Home Inspector

Buying a house is the most expensive purchase you're going to make in your lifetime.  So when thinking about the money you're spending on your house, think about the home inspection as well. Do you want the cheapest cost wise inspection (after all this is the most expensive investment you are making.) Call a few inspection company and see what they offer... A home inspection will range from $300.00 to $600.00 dollars sometimes more.

Inspect your inspection company:

  • Are you a member of a home inspection national society? (ASHI NAHI groups that require continuing education yearly)
  • Do you have E&O insurance? (Its a must to have in this business)
  • Do you have General liability insurance? (It's a must to have for protection)
  • How long have you been in business? (don't let that be your deciding vote, everyone starts out somewhere)
  • Do you have any referrals from previous clients?( any GOOD home inspector will have at least 100 referrals for every 1000 inspections)
  • How many Inspections have you completed? (newer inspectors will have less don't let this be your deciding vote)
  • Have you ever worked in the construction field? (if so how long? what area of construction?)

Finding the house problems before they become YOUR problems:

snow damage house

I personally have been called to inspect homes that the buyer passed on there inspection during the purchase. (After the purchase your stuck with the problems. This client was about to move in the home, it was dead of winter with several inches of snow on the ground and roof. They went to work on the house prior to moving in to get it ready for move in. Upon entering there new home they were so happy with, there was a heavy smell of urine in the house after being closed up for 30+days while closing.

They called me to inspect their attic area, Upon entering the home you could smell the urine very badly, There were yellowish stains all over the ceilings in the living room, hallway, bedrooms and the bedroom closest were completely covered in yellowish stain. There was a whole house fan installed in the hallway, with insulation falling through the fins of the fan.

If this client would have gotten the PRE-PURCHASE inspection they would probably have backed out of this house deal.

raccoon destroying home

Upon entering the attic I discovered 6 raccoons inside the attic area, There was a hole through the roof larger than a basketball, the raccoons had eaten the shingles, roof decking and the gutter board completely away from the home. There was snow inside the attic area around the hole through the roof. The bathroom exhaust vent pipe had been destroyed and was torn in pieces from the raccoon. There was feces all over the attic area along with a very heavy urine smell. The insulation in the attic was wet from the urine all over the attic area. The whole house fan was installed improperly, during the install the installer cut 3 trusses completely out to install the whole house fan and did not support or brace them to withhold the weight, The insulation falling through the fins was due to a female raccoon was stuck inside the fan area with babies. The fan motor to the whole house fan was eaten and the belt was gone.

Now this house is THEIR'S they are stuck with the issues because they elected to pass on a pre-purchase inspection.

The roof is going to have to be replaced, all the insulation has to be removed, possibly the drywall to reduce the risk of mold forming in the attic area. The trusses have be corrected and leveled back out due to the roof line was sagging. Then new drywall, paint and insulation is going to have to be completed.

There were other issues with this house that were not reported due to the fact they only hired me to inspect the attic area.

So ask yourself this simply question.

  1. Am I willing to pay $300-$600 dollars for an inspection on a hundred thousand dollar home to find out its condition? or
  2. Am I willing to buy a home without inspection and deal with the consequences of the condition of the home.

SO are you willing to risk spending the fee for the home inspection or take a RISK the home is in good condition? Get Inspected to be protected. Contact Home Inspector Chris to do a thorough residential home inspection, and provide a detailed report. 

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